Phil Williams  MSc BEng(Hons) CEng FIET Director/Consultant

Phil Williams is an independent system safety consultant having started his own consultancy in 2013 after 27 years with General Dynamics UK, where he held the role of Chief Safety Authority. He has supported a number of cross-industry system safety initiatives and has represented UK defence industry on the MOD’s Safety Standards Review Committee was a core member of the Def Stan 00-56 Issue 5/6 and Def Stan 00-55 Issue 3 authoring teams.

Phil is currently a member of the SCSC Steering Group and is the chair of the Assurance Case Working Group which includes responsibility for Maintenance of the Goal Structuring Notation (GSN) standard. He is also an active member of the ADS Defence System Safety Group; the BSi GEL65/1 committee; the IEC TC65A MT61508 (developing edition 3 of IEC 61508) and is the deputy-convenor of IEC TC65A WG18 acting as the principal UK expert in the development of the functional safety standard for Defence Systems (IEC 63187).

He may be contacted at <>

Published Papers

Defence Standard 00-56 Issue 5: Concepts, Principles and Pragmatics

John McDermid, Phil Williams 2014

Reincarnation of Def Stan 00-55

Phil Williams, John McDermid,  2015